i will give you instructions on how to go out for sweets and come back

and still have violet stains on your cheeks. (play me that violoncello).

“what a hero” says the individual who mows our lawns,

and not about himself, either. sticky as brie.


i haven’t written any love letters, but my spoken language turns towards you. standing on a high chair, i can see the state we live in; sheep bark mellow below.

the mumbling of water is constant; you found sharkskin round a tooth under the kitchen counter.

if there was a way to let go of the need for biting through carrots like skin, i’d be freezing insects in Amber too.


i remember a woman watching a fish tank.

What reasons does the writer give for why the boys were running?

What word do we use to describe this sort of behaviour in an emergency? Does it help to behave like that in an emergency?

180      qui peut dormir quand les autres


182      tu sois mon cocher

183      des poetes m’ont chanté

186      au-dessus de ce monde

186      crois-tu la paix possible

190      que m’importe la terre?